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The desire of Polafund –  Polish American Children’s Relief Fund for Ukraine – Foundation Autika- is to aid Ukrainian refugee children and mothers.  The organization will provide food relief, find safe host homes, and transportation throughout Europe.  Private resources will be utilized both in money and in services.  Public funds will be acquired and used under applicable governmental laws.



Polafund currently cooperates with other organizations with which we create and implement aid programs – Autika Foundation (Poland), Humanosh Foundation (Poland), SVA (Japan), Vira (USA), Ilios Szęście Słońca Foundation (Poland), Dobri Sprawy (Ukraine).

Polafund is open to cooperation with other organizations. We have experience with thousands of kilometers driven on Ukrainian roads delivering aid. We know the current needs because our team includes our trusted people from Ukraine and we know how and where to deliver the necessary aid. If you are interested in cooperating with us write to us. 

how you can help


If you want to financially support our humanitarian aid, donate money to help children and mothers from Ukraine

with us

Polafund wishes to work closely with other organizations be them non-profit, governmental, or private.  Our primary focus is to work with American, Polish and European organizations for funding, logistics, communications, medical care, etc.  We engage in collaborations to help mpact and engage a broader audience on key relief issues. 

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If you want to help us in our activities and become a volunteer or partner, please contact us.

If you want to help in our humanitarian aid,
please contact us

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Autika Foundation -
main partner
Vira - partner
in humanitarian aid
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